Hans Kalkhoven arch. AvB was born and raised in Haarlem. He graduated cum laude in 1991 from the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam. His graduation plan, the redevelopment of the former Enschedé printing house in Haarlem, was nominated for the  Archiprix in 1992.

Hans joined atelier PRO in 1988 and since 2017, after a short break, he has been part of the group of architects at atelier PRO again as a part-time senior architect.

His design experience ranges from complex buildings in inner cities (Theatres, Offices & Housing), to underground construction and small-scale private housing. Since 2008, the housing for growers in the Westland region has increasingly become part of his assignment portfolio. The design for OVATA in Bleiswijk received the BNA prize "Building of the Year" in 2008.

In his designs, Hans pays special attention to detail and technique. To him, architecture is a fascinating combination of technique, logistics and aesthetics. In addition to his current work as a senior architect at Atelier PRO and as an architect under his own name, Hans is also a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at TU-Delft, where he supervises students on projects in their bachelor's and master's programmes.

Since 2013, Hans also designs under his own name, KalkhovenArchitectuur.

Another of Hans' activities is drawing, especially portraits.
For an overview, see Kalkhoventekeningen.