Mădălina (1993) joined atelier PRO in September 2018. Her first contact with the office was a year before that, when she did an internship at atelier PRO. She studied in Romania at the Faculty of Architecture Iasi, and spent a semester of her studies at The University of Alcalá in Spain. Her thesis subject approached the interplay between architectural design and human psychology. With an interest in the psychology of space and the way users perceive the spaces we create, she wrote about the impact of architectural design on people and analysed ways of researching through design. 

Always trying to challenge herself, she’s been travelling and working abroad in Europe and US during her studies, where she learnt about different cultures and different ways of thinking about architecture. After her graduation, she moved to the Netherlands. Trying to learn the language and working in a new environment is a challenge that keeps her busy and gives her fulfilment.