Carolina dos Santos Esteves has been working at atelier PRO since 2021.

Her academic studies at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto allowed her to consolidate an academic curriculum focused on the architectural process based on the importance of drawing and on the grounded knowledge of history and architectural theory. However, it was during her Erasmus experience, during the WS 2019, in which she had the opportunity to study at TU Berlin, that she first came into contact with one of the areas of architectural study in which she is most interested, namely the relationship between architecture, the urban context and its social aspects.

Since starting her Master of Architecture, Carolina has developed both academic and competition projects ranging from the scale of the city to the scale of constructive detail. Regarding her interest in the different spheres that can be affected by architecture and urban dynamics, Carolina's approach in each of these projects leans on community involvement and the dignity inherent in good design and construction.