Grijp die kans: stagiaire bij atelier PRO

How is it to work at atelier PRO as an intern? We decided to ask our recent talents for their frank opinions. We are honoured with their reviews! Working at atelier PRO is…

Robin van Zeeland, TU Delft, Holland - 'As an intern at atelier PRO you take part in different activities involving different stages of the building process. These can differ from the exciting phase involved in working on design competitions to the fruitful learning experience gained during the process of working out the design to actual building plans. As an architectural firm, atelier PRO is specialized in the school typology and also works on large interior designs, making an internship here a great environment to broaden knowledge and gain skills as an architecture student.  After 5 months at atelier PRO architekten I would say I look back to this experience as a successful one!'

Maryia Sakharevich, University of Waterloo, Canada - 'Working at atelier PRO has been a truly rewarding experience. Not only you are given an opportunity to develop your technical skills through working in a variety of programs, you get to see the development of a project through the different stages of its design. I also find it very encouraging that the team members are always available for help - whether it is to teach you a new aspect of a program you aren’t familiar with or go through the project design development - you can always count of their support. And an incredibly friendly atmosphere is always a plus!'

Pavel Tsolov, University of Waterloo, Canada - 'Atelier PRO embraces a very positive work environment and this was apparent from my first day here. Working in architecturally pleasant surroundings paired with friendly colleagues and learning opportunities lead to a happy intern. My experiences at PRO have been rewarding to my growth as a student and as an individual. I have learned much about architectural practice here in the Netherlands; a wide range from acquiring clients to practical lessons and fire code. I am given opportunities to build models, discuss design options, take part in competitions, and work in software that is an industry standard. PRO radiates a noticeably welcoming atmosphere to interns which results in comfortable reciprocating attitudes.'

Atelier PRO is looking for talented interns from all over the world. Are you available for a  period of minimum 5 or 6 months, starting from beginning of September, to come join our office? Or would you prefer to start in the beginning of 2014? Let us know!
As you have read above, as an intern you’ll get a chance to be a member of our design team. You’ll be working on a wide range of projects to become familiar with our office and to gain work experience as an architect. Expect a high diversity of work and much involvement in various projects.

You are PRO when…

- being a talented masters student
- having excellent design & graphic skills
- being enthusiastic, independent, resourceful and accurate
- having experience with Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop & SketchUp
- having knowledge of Maxwell Render and Illustrator is preferable
- being prepared to stretch working hours to meet deadlines
- being a EU National or having all the required paperwork to work/study in the 

Send your CV and portfolio, with a short motivation letter, to Ronald Peters (office manager)