Winnaar WAN Award Health Care 2014

...And finally to Atelier PRO Architekten for their fantastic Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, The Netherlands for winning the 'Built' category in this prestigious award.'

Meander Medisch Centrum wint de WAN Award Health Care 2014!

Het commentaar van een van de juryleden:

Love the idea of opening up the hospital corridor to create the wedge, drawing the eye and providing space for a 'living room' overlooking the landscape. The avenue concept worked well and the public circulation and respite areas have a wide variety and would provide interesting experiences.

En uit het juryrapport:

And finally the winner of the Built category is Atelier PRO Architekten with the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort in The Netherlands. This huge project had the jury quiet for the initial few minutes as they evaluated the enormity of the 112,000 sq m hospital focused on patient and visitor, and most of all - flexibility.

The central atria and finger-like corridors that spread out to lead to the changeable clinics mean all other healthcare departments are no longer spread across the city; they are centrally located in one easy-to-reach facility. The jury thought this was a huge feat and well deserved the winning spot for several reasons. Lee, started the observations by saying 'it’s a proper city, which is really hard to pull off well'. Monaghan, Hicks and Passman were all very much in agreement, with Monaghan adding that 'it hits some big innovation buttons in terms of workflow of people. Essentially this is a clinical facility but it has definitely got a sense of humanity at the core'.

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