Dorte Kristensen jury member on conference Sofia

30th May 2019 Dorte Kristensen will perform a presentation on international architecture and engineering forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was invited by the Consultative Council of Architects in Central and Eastern Europe (CCA-CEE) to perform a plenary lecture as a guest speaker.The conference is initiated by, an architecture community that aims to share ideas and inspiration, learn and celebrate excellence in architecture. It is the 3rd edition of SHARE Sofia.


Jury member Bulgarian Building Award
At this occasion Dorte Kristensen has also been requested to be jury member of the committee who will select the National Buildings Prize Awards of Bulgaria. This award aims to highlight the creative trio of winning projects: architect, builder and beneficiary through a multidisciplinary and international board that assesses the social, cultural and economic impact of projects on the quality of life, in addition to the aesthetic and technical criteria.


Dorte Kristensen had been selected as jury member based on the record of atelier PRO's work featuring projetcs with a social and spatial impact that determines the quality of healthy living.