Exhibition in South Korea

There are projects that continue to care for their own PR no matter how old they are. A good example is our project Ludgerhof in Lichtenvoorde. Completed in 2005, this re-use housing project is still in the spotlights, even abroad. At this time in South Korea, the exhibition 'New Messages from the Netherlands: Dutch Architecture and Design' is being held.

Organized by the Korea Foundation the exhibition is held in the Foundation Cultural Center Gallery in Seoul from August 14 to October 12, 2013. 

On the design of the exhibition:

1. The exhibition

Organized by a government affiliated organization, the Korea Foundation, the exhibition "NEW MESSAGE" will emphasize not only on the end product but mainly focus on the concept and the value of the process of design and architecture of the Netherlands. The title of the exhibition is the "New Message from the Netherlands" with "NEW:USE".

2. Theme of Architectural Section: NEW:USE

The title of the architectural section is tentatively named "NEW:USE". The exhibition will revisit recent architectures of the Netherlands with the view of reuse and renovation. We understand the process of reuse not only as a recent phenomenon but as an extension of the rearrangement and representation process which can be found in the art and architecture of the Netherlands. The unique adaptation and the reorganization of what already exists is essential and by looking at reuse projects of the Netherlands, we believe that we can achieve better and new understanding of architectures of the Netherlands. This will provide a valuable experience for current architectural situation in Korea and we also hope that this exhibition will broaden the Asian audience for the participating architectural firms which will be a valuable asset as well.