About us

Atelier PRO architects was set up in 1976 in The Hague. A team of 45 professionals is actively engaged in architecture, interior design and urban design. Our design approach for architecture is based on genius loci and context. Starting from these principles, atelier PRO creates surprising and pioneering architecture with a strong social engagement.

We believe that the quality of an environment is the key to people to develop themselves. Therefore a major part of our portfolio consists of social property in the public domain. Our view on education and health care has been translated into various schools, multifunctional accommodations and health care institutions. Our portfolio also covers cultural and public buildings such as theatres and cultural centres and other multi use projects.

Our involvement to improve the social environment is also converted into a great interest in and affinity with renovation and re-use. Recognizing and using the unnoticed beauty of existing buildings often resulted in surprising designs. We highly value the historic background of the built environment and we always consider what qualities should be maintained and how to create added value.

Looking beyond and considering the future, we investigate how architecture and urban development may affect a sustainable residential environment. Therefore we keep on developing our knowledge and capabilities. We cover topics like healthy urban living, innovation, sustainable design and reuse. Our exploring nature and entrepreneurship results in high sustainability scores, pioneer design, strategies for educational buildings and successful working and residential environments.