Keynote Dorte @Congress Architecture and Education

The essence of learning is being curious and this no longer takes place only at school. The outdated concept of a school-building that exists out of single classrooms is far behind us. Project based learning activities are increasing and students spend a larger proportion of their time in group sessions. Over 175 attendants discussed these issues during the spring conference on May 9, organized by magazine The Architect at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft.

After the opening lecture by education expert Robert Jan Simons, the keynote speakers
debated the with audience about current problems in school-buildings: poor air quality; draconian regulations; design processes without open discussion. In the afternoon Dorte Kristensen, architect-director at atelier PRO,  discussed the changing role of the architect in bringing about the desired improvements.

With the title "The Split of the Architect" she presented the opportunities and challenges for architects to help school principals to develop plans for new and better buildings. Innovations in teaching, learning, design and organization of the development of schools enforce a reorientation. Within these changes t
he architect can fulfil his role as creative thinker. After a short introduction, the following questions were discussed: How can an architect help to future-proof a school without choking on the (changing)process? How does he bring tradition, experience and innovation in balance? And more in general: does the vision of the architect play a role in these changes?

The closing keynote "I learn therefore I am" by Herman Hertzberger listed some good examples on how to implement educational innovations in concrete plans. He repeated: "the old-fashioned idea of ​​'an architect who draws a plan, and that's the way we do it' no longer exists. You're part of a big process."

Photo report: Architecture and Education Congress.
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