Our success stems from our group of creative designers with guts. They translate our view into shape, material, room and light. We actively encourage our young talents in this. In particular their ideas keep our office young and innovative.

The combination of this enthusiasm, vision and passion of our designers and the practical precision of our technical team, enable us to create non-conformal buildings that ingeniously fit together. We dispose of all the necessary experts to meet this creative ambition. In addition, we do not hesitate to learn from our core partners. Whenever necessary for an assignment, we involve builders, advisors and manufacturers in the design process, at a very early stage. Regarding costs and building management, we are pioneers in working with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Cooperation in new networks – online and on real life locations – is essential to be able to deploy proper knowledge and expertise for specific challenges. Good (in-service) training is another necessity: to be capable to keep abreast of any new development in building. Thus we remain flexible, fresh and prepared for the future.