The Klinker Cultural Centre praised by Archilovers

The Klinker Cultural Centre has been mentioned as one of the best projects by international architectural platform Archilovers and has been credited with the title Archilovers Best Project 2015!

The Klinker Cultural Centre has been selected as one of the Best on Archilovers 2015, as it upholds their high standards for aesthetics, functionality and creativity

The Klinker Cultural Centre is a culturehub at Winschoten that has been in use since March 2015. It is considered to be a daring cultural project. It covers a large programme in a demographic shrinking area that has been developed in a time and region that suffered from decreasing cultural provisions. The Klinker now turns to cause a social and cultural boost to local Winschoten and the region. It is a smart building featuring flexibilty and synergy. This enables several cultural events taking place at one time and atracting a diversity of target audiences. 

Archilovers, the professional network for architects and designers from all over the world, is part of a system which boasts 46 million annual visits, 1.7 million registered professionals and 3 million followers on social media.

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