Atelier PRO assigned to design two elementary schools in Utrecht

Atelier PRO won the contest for the design of two elementary schools in a historic location in Utrecht area Vleuten-De Meern. 

The housing of the Pantarijn public primary school and that of Hindu primary school Shri Krishna does not provide enough room for the desired development of both schools. That's why the schools, in consultation with the Municipality of Utrecht, took the initiative for new construction. In the architectural selection for the new schools, the design vision of atelier PRO architekten turned out the best.


The intended location for the schools in the area of Vleuten-de Meern has a relatively high archaeological value; over the place there used to be the track of a Roman road. Also at this location there is the temporary housing of the schools. In the vision of the atelier PRO, this temporary housing can be maintained during the construction of the new building. The Roman road remains clear and recognizable within the schools.

Another important point of departure is to create one building for the two schools, but each with a distinctive character. For the Pantarijn School this means an informal, free set-up. For the Shri Krishna School atelier PRO has developed aspects of the Vastu Shastra, the ancient Hindu school construction principles. Around the schools will be a large green school square. The new building is expected to be completed by 2019.