Moscow: building in extreme conditions

From time to tome we fly to Moscow to view our school project under construction. And every time we are surprised again. Last year our client assigned to realise the project of more than 25.470 m² in 1.5 years'period! Impossible, we should say…But now that the cold is on its way and spring is approaching, the project is really almost finished.

Where in the Netherlands we are completely disrupted with a little bit of snow, the workers in Moscow still pour concrete at temperatures far below -10 °and continue working outside. Large teams of men and women in sleeping bag-like suits are tripping the cold.

There is regular contact with Martela who guides the process for us on location for the interior design and the use of color. Unfortunately, not everything is possible to get delivered in Russia. There is is always an alternative for budgt reasons ...


With unbridled efforts the people work on meeting the deadline. The project will be taken into use in mid-March.

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