Scheldehof Residential Care Centre winner of the Best Healthcare Building 2018 Award

Scheldehof Residential Care Centre is the winner of the Architectenweb Award for Best Healthcare building 2018. This was announced on November 8th at Broeinest venue Amsterdam.

An independent jury had nominated three projects: Erasmus MC Rotterdam (by EGM architects), KJC Heliomare (by Marlies Rohmer Architects) and Scheldehof Residential Care Centre ( by atelier PRO). Honorable mention was granted to Prinses Máxima Centrum (by LIAG architects) because the project was entirely funded with private recources.


Jury quote
"When the elderly have to move to a residential care center, it is still too often a step backward, usually experienced with a lot of resistance", the jury observes. "But then this ... living in a crazy, old building, in the middle of the city, with all kinds of facilities in the plinth that can also be used for the city.That last place where you live, should actually be a party, should't it? Well, this is!"