Keynote Dorte Kristensen on educational architecture at Lithuanian University

Dorte Kristensen will perform a keynote presentation on educational architecture at Vilnius, Lithuania. She has been invited by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Architecture, the originator of ‘Challenges of Change’ their first international conference. The conference will take place 22-23 November, 2018 at the Vilnius Municipality Council Hall.

Renewal in educational architecture

The topic is renewal in educational architecture. Experts come together like scientist, artists and municipal officials , sharing knowledge and have discussions. The symposium is supported by university and municipality of Vilnius.

Due to Dorte’s track record in educational architecture she will share her design vision how to anticipate ongoing changes in education. Her keynote will cover the subject of new spaces in educational landscape.

Dorte Kristensen’s participation in the ‘Challenges of Change’ conference has been enabled by the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie).