Atelier PRO appoints three new partners

Atelier PRO has appointed three new partners who, together with architect-director Dorte Kristensen, will guide the direction of the studio. They are Mira van Beek, Karho Yeung and Paul Vlaar who will join the management team as of 1st January 2019. They come from the own ranks of atelier PRO. Mira, Paul and Karho will contribute to the continuity of the office and at the same time continue to lead the way with a fresh look at a constantly changing society.


The new partners
Mira van Beek (1970) is a socially committed architect and has worked at atelier PRO since 2003. She was project architect for various projects such as residences, retail and public buildings and often projects of a complex nature such as the Haagse Lyceum VCL, which was put into use 10 the December 2018. Mira is socially driven and with a critical eye knows how to apply changes in the professional field to user demand from the market.


Karho Yeung (1982) is an architect at atelier PRO, where he joined the company in 2009. His background as an architectural engineer and architect make him a versatile designer with strong affinity for the role of BIM in the entire design process. He has proven to create appealing architecture with a healthy urge for innovation. His designs are characterized by creativity without losing sight of the technical basis.

Mira and Karho, together with Dorte Kristensen, are jointly responsible for atelier PRO's architecture.

Paul Vlaar (1976) is a structural engineer and has been working at atelier PRO since 2007 as project leader for a wide variety of projects. His combined background of architecture and building technology made him an efficient project leader, both during the design process and in the realization phase. Recently he also took care of the planning and coordination of the agency. Paul Vlaar replaces ErnstJan Cornelis and becomes responsible for execution and finances.