guest lecture at Amsterdam School of Arts

Our Danish director Dorte Kristensen was invited to give a guest lecture  at the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam on the Finnish master architect Alvar Aalto and his place in Finland's nationalism. For an international group of master students this was their first introduction to Finnish architecture, afterwards they visited Helsinki and Jyväskylä.

The lecture and tour is part of the program Master of Museology of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. These students work on an assignment for the Alvar Aalto Museum built in 1973 in Jyväskylä, to propose a change for the future: how the museum can respond to two very different audiences, namely the (local) population and (architecture) experts from around the world who travel to the museum to see their 'hero'.

The students were very content and inspired by Dorte's lecture:

'She really opened our eyes and I think it changed the way we all looked at Aalto's work'