Huis van de Heuvel in media

We are delighted to receive so many positive reactions after announcing the opening of the Multifunctional Accommodation Huis van de Heuvel in Breda.

The project has been published by several magazines, websites and other media. A special thanks goes out to the UK blog 'Spaces that Matter' who congratulated us in the most enthusiastic way.

Below you find a movie which shows the new users during their everyday activities. Let’s show a random Friday afternoon in the former church in Breda…

Click here to see the movie.

Spaces that matter, MFA Huis van de Heuvel completed, oktober 2012

De Architect, Huis van de heuvel in Breda officieel geopend, 12.10.2012

Architectenweb, Gerenoveerd rijksmonument van Atelier PRO, 9.10.2012, Huis van de Heuvel in Breda geopend, 9.10.2012

Meer projectinformatie over Huis van de Heuvel


MFA Huis van de Heuvel, Breda from atelier PRO on Vimeo.