Lecture Dorte Kristensen at Danish Embassy The Hague

On Thursday, October 27, Dorte Kristensen was invited to give a lecture to the CEO network of Danish Embassy. In her talk, Dorte addressed the challenges and opportunities that the housing crisis, the energy transition and climate goals present to the built environment in the Netherlands. She did so from her perspective both as an architect and as someone of Danish heritage - someone who builds bridges between the two countries and cultures.

The CEO network of the embassy consists of Dutch people at the helm of Danish subsidiaries, as well as Danes in a senior position at a Dutch or Danish company. The group regularly meets to exchange insights - in an informal setting, but always with a prominent guest from the field as speaker. Dorte's predecessors have included former prime minister Jan-Peter Balkenende, director of the Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau Kim Putters and president of the Dutch National Bank Klaas Knot.