Atelier PRO wins closed selection for Saffier, The Hague

We’re proud to announce that in December 2022, atelier PRO - in collaboration with OASE urbanism and landcape and Zonneveld engineering - won the closed selection for the extension of Huize Royal, a senior housing and revalidation centre in The Hague operated by residential care provider Saffier.

The existing complex is situated along the verdant Scheveningseweg, adjacent to the monumental H. Antonius Abtkerk. Because a new program was needed - comprising apartments, flats for temporary housing and a public plinth with offices, the revalidation centre and communal neighbourhood services - the housing centre had to undergo major restructuring.

Our guiding principle was to create a ‘healthy community’. The new centre should be more than just a housing and revalidation complex, but an anchor for neighbourhood life, a place that feels welcoming, accommodating and safe, with respect for the natural and historical surroundings.

Therefore, the team did not immediately work towards a rigid design, but instead proposed a number of different strategies. In the following phases, together with the client we will develop a design that benefits both them, the users, the city and nature.