Het Stedelijk Innova - a made-to-measure school for made-to measure education

For Het Stedelijk Innova, atelier PRO transformed a pre-existing building on the outskirts of Enschede into a compact, sustainable and one-of-a-kind secondary school. Innova teaches according to the Kunskapsskolan method, an innovative educational concept that offers pupils a personalised education; this concept was decisive for our design.

Kunskapsskolan is a method of personalised education developed in Sweden; it is based on the premise that every pupil is unique, with his or her own ambitions and talents. Pupils therefore have an individual timetable and their own coach. Central to the Kunskapsskolan method is the learning domain, an educational environment which facilitates different ways of teaching and working. The learning domains are complemented by classrooms where vocational teachers can give instructions, with lecture halls, lab rooms, a cafeteria and a (school) library.
Het Stedelijk Innova uses the Kunskapsskolan method, a personal learning concept developed in Sweden.

This educational vision calls for a fitting, made-to-measure design, with plenty of room for meetings, and with the possibility to use spaces in a versatile and flexible way. Atelier PRO responded by creating different types of spatial 'settings': Campfires, Caves and Watering Holes. Here, Campfires are theatre-like spaces, where students can gather around an expert who tells a captivating story; Watering Holes are spaces where students can work together on projects and learn from each other, and Caves spaces where students can retreat to study with focus. This creates a building in which all pupils have a place that fits them personally - just like the education provided by Het Stedelijk Innova.