Veurs Voorburg - a VMBO which deserves to be seen

Schools have started again, also at Veurs Voorburg. In mid-2022, this small-scale secondary school for VMBO-level education moved to a new building designed by atelier PRO. The school complex has a clear, compact shape and a facade of traditional brickwork which matches the surrounding buildings. However, what makes it special is that the school also visually and socially engages with its surroundings.

The school opens up to the neighbourhood and its residents - and this is a conscious choice: by showing what the VMBO has to offer to both students and society, we want to counter the image surrounding this type of school. On the ground floor there are practical classrooms, but also a teaching restaurant with a visible kitchen, and a 'training shop' for people from the neighbourhood, with the aim of showing- both visually and actually - what VMBO education entails.

The building is characterised by openness, but also by security; our aim was to design a school that feels like a home. This makes the pupils proud of their building - and therefore more considerate of their surroundings. It also sends a clear message: VMBO students are worth investing in.

The new school, partly due to its careful social, architectural and spatial integration, has given the neighbourhood and the pupils a positive impulse. A VMBO which deserves to b