A new project with a personal connection

As an architect, what is more special than to be able to work on a project that already holds a place in your heart? Project architect Mira van Beek: "When the call-for-entries for De Rozenhof in Naaldwijk came in,  it immediately rang a bell. As a child, I often went with my grandmother, who lived in the centre of Naaldwijk, to visit Auntie-Marie-in-the-Rozenhof. One word. And she wasn't actually an aunt either, just family. And it doesn’t stop there: my parents got married and my grandparents were buried in the adjacent church Ontmoetingskerk. So I know the place well, and also the residents of the future Rozenhof: elderly people with dementia. Also because my sister, Joeri, created a special book about my grandmother and her dementia: Alles is geweest’."

We didn’t just win the competition for the Rozenhof because of Mira’s personal connection, but also because, according to client Careyn, we understood the assignment - and because of our extensive experience in designing for the elderly. These designs always put normality and the connection between people centre stage.

On Thursday 26 October, our collaboration with client Careyn was made official, an on-site ‘training day’ is planned for the near future.
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