WELL Platinum for EDGE Stadium

We’re thrilled to announce that EDGE Stadium in Amsterdam has achieved the prestigious WELL Platinum certification, demonstrating that the reuse and further improvement of an office building - which was already sustainable at the time - is always the most sustainable choice.

We believe that, as architects, we must take responsibility for what we design. We need to build better, with an eye for people, the earth and the future. This means that we do not simply opt for new construction unless it is strictly necessary. Our work is much more about reuse, and about making existing buildings and materials more sustainable. It also requires designing contemporary, healthy and innovative environments, with lots of greenery and nice places where people can meet, where connections are made. This is where we and our client EDGE have found each other, making 'our old Forum complex' - again - ready for the future.

The building scored particularly high on its outdoor air supply, daylight plan, background noise level and thermostat control, ensuring a comfortable environment for tenants.

Moreover, the building earned recognition for its exceptional accessibility, featuring cycling infrastructure, pedestrian-friendly streets, and convenient access to mass public transport.

We would like to congratulate EDGE, all team members and everyone involved in reaching this milestone.

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