Work-in-progress for the Stichting Eijkman Kliniek

How do you design a dental treatment centre that functions as a landmark for the neighbourhood, but is also a healing environment for patients? With this assignment in mind, atelier PRO designed a new building for the Stichting Eijkman Kliniek that is representative, dynamic ánd calming.

The Stichting Eijkman Kliniek consists of a partnership of surgeons specialising in oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery. In addition to their work for the Meander Medical Centre and St Jansdal Hospital, they are committed to helping reduce waiting lists in dentistry. They have therefore established a new treatment centre on the Van Siburgstraat in Nijkerk; atelier PRO was chosen as the architect for this project.

This new treatment centre is located on the south-western edge of Nijkerk, in an area with a specific urban layout, with 'islands' surrounded by water. The treatment centre acts as a representative gateway building for one of these islands, serving as a landmark and eye-cather.

We therefore chose to give the building a triangular shape, with dynamic, varying heights; as a result, the building is perceived differently from different angles. The volume is stepped, with a roof terrace adjoining each floor and planters along the edges.

The façade design reinforces this dynamic look-and-feel, with rounded corners, profiled bronze aluminium panels and white horizontal bands. On ground level, creeper plants grow along the façade. Thus, the building fits into its green surroundings and simultaneously serves as a healing environment - and that is important in a dental clinic.

People arrive in a ‘friendly’ environment: on arrival, the entrance – located under a covered bridge - is immediately visible. After entering the building, patients are immediately welcomed by a staff member behind the counter – after which they can take their seats in a double-height waiting room, where they have a spectacular panoramic view of the surroundings.

The four treatment rooms and two X-ray rooms are located around a calming patio that has been designed as a Japanese garden. An additional corridor runs behind the treatment rooms, which is accessible to employees only; this provides a clear separation between personnel and patients.

Combining modern and natural materials, the interior has a 'clean' yet warm feel. White walls and ceilings, light cast floors and wooden panelling and skirting boards are combined to create an environment that puts patients at easy.

Final delivery is set for April/May this year, but we’re happy to share a look behind the scenes