‘Circularity is not a question, it’s a must.’ – interview TU Delft with Dorte Kristensen

Last summer, a team from TU Delft interviewed Dorte Kristensen, atelier PRO’s director and expert in the field of sustainable design, about her views on circularity in architecture, and how the transition towards a circular built environment challenges the role of the architect.

The interview was part of the Practitioners Interviews Series for the ‘Circularity in Architecture and the Built Sciences’ course. In the interview, Dorte explains what drew her to circularity, why every architect should be involved, and - with our project EDGE Stadium as an case study - how its principles can be applied in the real, built world.

‘It’s not only about the star projects, it’s about every project. Of course we still have to make the best possible, nicest architecture, but it’s not the big ‘A’, it’s the big picture. It’s leaving a better world.’