Kop van het Dok: a landmark for urban transformation

How do you transform a run-down former harbour area on the edge of Vlissingen city centre into a lively new urban district? Atelier PRO did it, with a housing and care complex for the elderly with a strong social agenda.

For the past ten years, atelier PRO has been involved in the transformation of former shipyard 'De Schelde' into urban district the Scheldekwartier. Our commitment to the area began in 2013, when WVO zorg commissioned us to redevelop and expand the former Plaatwerkerij into residential care centre the Scheldehof – a complex which doesn’t just offer care housing, but also hosts a large number of public functions: a brasserie, studios, a cinema, a theatre, a hair salon and shops.

With Kop van het Dok, 180 'regular' homes have now also been added to the complex, some of which are designed to provide elderly care – with a well-balanced mix of social housing, affordable rentals and owner-occupied homes.

The completion of Kop van het Dok has created a new urban district around the old shipping dock, where all Vlissingen residents - from young to old - can feel at home. The Scheldekwartier offers a diversity of housing for an older target group, right in the middle of society.