Flexible design Meander Medical Center proves a success

With the demand for healthcare ever on the rise, it is essential to design smart healthcare buildings - that is, hospitals and medical centers that are flexible, easy to expand and adapt - and future-proof.

This is how we approached our design for the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort in 2013; the fact that we were asked to design an extension to the existing hospital in recent years, serves as proof that that this approach is a success. The new wing has the same qualities as the original building: a human-centered medical complex, with patient privacy, good wayfinding, views of the surrounding landscape and a flexible and sustainable design.

The new wing – which was primarily intended as an extension to the Meander's Hotfloors, the intensive care department with the operating rooms - houses the Coronary Care Unit for intensive cardiac care, an Eye Day Center with an impressive view and two hybrid operating rooms, with a large floor area and a suspended C-arm for X-rays, in which a wide range of medical procedures can be performed – two ORs of the future.

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