The new world of Work-week

This is the week of the New World of Work, a subject which keeps us pretty busy and we have gained quite some experience in. Lower costs, more durability and a more effective and functional use of space are motivations for clients to introduce this principle in their organization. It brings a 'smarter' way of working, with flexible working hours, more telecommuting, and (eventually) a more effective use of time and higher productivity.

But a new work culture also includes another office interior. And that goes beyond creating an open office environment with flexible workplaces. How do we ensure that The New World of Work actually 'works' and what are the pitfalls in terms of interior design.

How do we ensure diversity in design, with places for concentration, flexible meeting rooms, informal meeting places? And, in a flexible office environment, where do we find space for social cohesion, those workspaces where we recognise identity of the organization? The transition from a traditional environment to a new working concept requires big adjustments for employees. With our interior concepts, we ensure that people, despite all the changes, not to feel displaced but feel at home in their new environment.

Below are some solutions in some of our projects:

Interior Town Hall
and Municipality office Bronckhorst
Each department has its own living room as a central meeting place in the workplace.

Plan for Town Hall
and Municipality office Zeist
An identity matching the municipality, on each floor with a different "season" for way-finding and localising colleagues.

Interior Town Hall and Municipality office Deventer
Freedom of choice: each employer chooses a place he / she likes and fits the activity of the moment.

Other projects by atelier PRO where we've implemented the concept of The New World of Work are:
Town Hall
in Ede and interior House of Commons Overbetuwe in Elst.