Highest Building Point Bosbadhal

It was time for a party last Thursday in Emmeloord. Contractor Draisma reached the ‘highest point’ at the construction of the new Bosbadhal Emmeloord. The alderman marked this spot by the hoisting of a flag to the top. Subsequently, soda and juice was drunk by those present at the alcohol-free site.

The Bosbadhal must be wind and watertight at the end of December for the work to be continued during the winter. The opening on 1 July 2013 is approaching fast. From that moment on, a number of other sport facilities in Emmeloord will be demolished, since all indoor sports will take place in the new building. In total there will be 4.5 sport sections available in the new sports hall and 2.5 in the existing one.

The dressing rooms and storage devices of the existing hall will also be completely renewed. A special feature of the new complex will be the gymnastics section, which will be given the name of Celine van Gerner, because of her performance during the Olympics last summer.

The new catering facility in the complex, overlooking both the new and the existing hall and the two tribunes, provides opportunity, after exercise, for a little drink.

The catering area offers various accommodations within a larger space. Team tables, lounge areas with multimedia, seats in the skybox, places at the bar and cozy tables make this area a vibrant whole.

Atelier PRO currently has both the project management and supervision during construction. We are also designing the interior-design.

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