Why architects need to use their ears

Poor acoustics and noise in classrooms is a problem for both children and adults. In fact, studies show that about 50% of what the teacher is saying may be lost already on the third row in the classroom. There is a great need to focus on the relationship between acoustics, learning and working environment.

To further explore the subject of 'auditory environments' Ecophon is organising a series of Seminars on 'Sound Education'. Our director Dorte Kristensen is invited to speak in here navite language at the 'Black Diamond', the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

On November 29 she will talk about her experience on the acoustic environment in schools, and what consequences it's design has for teachers and students. Another speaker is 'sound consultant' Julian Treasure, who recently talked at TEDglobal 2012: 'Why architects need to use their ears'.  Check out the video below.

The Sound Education seminar
 in Copenhagen is one of 4 of which the other are held in London, Stockholm and Munich. The National Danish newspaper Berlingske also picked up on the event and published a short opinion letter by Dorte.