31 soccer fields in 2013

This year, Atelier PRO will complete a record number of square meters. No less than 9 projects will be rounded off, providing a total surface of 208,769 m2. Which is equal to 31 soccer fields filled with multifunctional accommodations (MFA’s), offices, dwellings, commercial spaces and interiors, and a sports hall and medical centre.

This is the overview:

In February, De Statie in Sas van Gent +senior dwellings (5,917 m²) will be completed, after which a festive opening of this MFA will take place on 11 March in the presence of Ronald Plasterk, the former Minister of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science. On 15 March, during the Open House, the new users will move in. The MFA offers the municipality’s unanimous answer to the curtailment that Zeeuws Vlaanderen is subject to. Schools, 15 sports clubs and 25 associations have come together in this complex with its austere black wooden facade. The selling point is the integrated sports hall with its Olympic dimensions and a professional practice pit for gymnasts.

Between February and April, the series of three regional offices of the transmission system operator Enexis will be finished. These sustainable office buildings in Zwolle (5,055 m²), Maastricht(5,912 m2) and Venlo (5,060 m2) stand out due to the glossy white, self-shading relief of the facades in composite materials. The air quality of the offices is arranged using a built-in ‘Green lung’, which filters and preheats the air. The designs of these offices have been certified by BREAAM as ‘excellent’.

In May, we will realize a new sports complex: the Bosbadhal in Emmeloord (7,579 m²). The very old-fashioned sports hall and swimming pool of about 5,000 m² have been transformed into an extremely sustainable, multifunctional sports complex, and will serve as the new collective sports complex of the municipality of Noordoostpolder. The existing Bosbadhal has been completed with a sports centre containing 4½ room parts and a grandstand for 300 persons, offering a catering facility.

The sizeable mixed-use complex Nieuw  Waterlandplein in Amsterdam Noord  will be ready in July. Atelier PRO ’s part of the design (about 34,000 m2), within the cooperation with The Architects CIE and Hans van Heeswijk Architects (renovation), forms the design of one of the residential towers, the commercial plinth, car parks, a healthcare centre and community centre and roof gardens. The challenge was to make one recognizable whole of the various design subjects.

In the summer, around August, the subsequent completion will be the Multifunctional Centre on Expedition in Venlo (4,750 m2). This building, which will be surrounded by a ‘discovery garden’, will accommodate two schools, a childcare centre, a playgroup, an out-of-school care centre, a sports room and various community facilities. The building is lavishly decorated with round corners and reflects its green environment due to the moss-green wooden facade.

October will be dominated by the renewed interior of Town Hall Zeist (7,393 m2). The various housing locations of the municipality of Zeist will be joined in the monumental town hall plus ’80 extension. The interior will respond to The New Working. A multi-coloured palette of seasonal colours will provide the user with points of recognition and a clear feeling about the routing.

Finally, the hospital Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort (112,000 m2) and car park (18,000 m2) will be ready at the end of this year. One huge 'Healing Environment', where the green environment – which will be perfectly perceptible from the inside – in particular will contribute to a physical, mental and social well-being. This medical centre will only have single rooms, and the decor, lighting and use of colours will be fully focussed on this concept, so that the patient will have more peace and quiet to promote a speedy recovery.

Extensive information about these projects is available on www.atelierpro.nl or on demand via pr@atelierpro.nl