René Souverijn arch. AvB (1960) has been working at atelier PRO as a technical designer since 2017. He graduated from the HTS Architecture The Hague and from the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam.
René has more than 25 years of experience as a (technical) designer and all-round structural engineer at various architectural firms and has worked on a wide variety of utility projects, but also on all kinds of alterations, renovations and restorations, whether or not in combination with municipal or national monuments.

Since 1985, René has worked at:
- architectural office D.T. & T. van Manen, Noordwijk
- architectural office W.G. Quist, Rotterdam
- architecten Van Mourik, The Hague
- SGS Search engineering firm, Amsterdam (as EPA advisor and asbestos surveyor)

René has worked at atelier PRO before, from 1999 to 2006. The elaboration of the concept into a well-integrated design and the careful materialisation and detailing of the project in all its phases always gives him great satisfaction. He has a special interest in innovation and sustainability, but also in the transformation and reuse of existing buildings.