Life cycle dwellings, Achtmaal

small-scale and fine-grained

connection with the environment

Life cycle dwellings, Achtmaal

Achtmaal is a small regional centre in Noord-Brabant with approximately 1600 inhabitants. The municipality of Zundert, to which Achtmaal belongs, wanted to ensure that the centre remains attractive and liveable for both young and old in the future. In this way, good facilities play an important role, which explains why Achtmaal – which currently has a church, supermarket and cafe – commissioned a multipurpose community complex and five life cycle dwellings. A restricted multiple-stage tender was initiated for this purpose, which was won by atelier PRO.

Scale and connection with the surroundings
The buildings are characterised by a small scale with a height of one or two storeys with a pitched roof. Almost all the dwellings are semi-detached with a front and back garden and roof parallel to the street. The complex and dwellings are designed to connect with the surroundings. The typically Achtmaal hedges border the front garden and footpath.

All in all, Achtmaal gains a multipurpose community complex and housing that has a characteristic appearance and unique function, and simultaneously blends into the surroundings. It’s a valuable meeting place for a village where everyone knows one another.

  • front housing
  • Houses with the MFA in the background
  • The volumes fit the spacial envoironment
  • The dormer windows have on one side a slantbezeled side
  • Site Multifunctional community school and housing