MBO Bonaire Gebouw B&V

A school ensemble

like a small village

MBO Bonaire Gebouw B&V

The school community with MBO, B&V (vocational and adult education) and VMBO (technology and hospitality curriculum) on Bonaire is being renovated and renewed.

The school is designed like a village. The different functions are housed in different building volumes, situated around a courtyard and covered by a large roof. When students pass the common main entrance, they have access to all functions from the courtyard. This is the common area and serves as the school's auditorium. A large grandstand staircase leads to the general classrooms and also serves as a grandstand for following performances and presentations that take place on the central stage.

The various building volumes are connected by roofs and galleries. The layout and indentations in the volumes create smaller plazas where lockers can be found. These covered outdoor spaces are highly visible but, because of the scale of the spaces, also offer quieter places to meet and pause.


  • Entrance
  • Court yard
  • Large tribune staircase also serves as a grandstand for performances and presentations