Sint Joris College en Helder havo/vwo, Eindhoven

Two schools, eacht with its own character

in one building

Sint Joris College en Helder havo/vwo, Eindhoven

With its vision, Atelier PRO has won the architect selection for the design and development of the new construction of the Sint Joris College and Helder havo/vwo (general secondary education (havo) and pre-university education (vwo) in Eindhoven. Both schools are part of the Het Plein school group, which is managed by OMO (Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs).

The assignment is the realization of an educational building for 1,530 students of Sint Joris College and 190 students of Helder havo/vwo. This translates into a space requirement of 11,300 m² gross floor area (GFA) for education and 2,200 m² gyms, in total 13,500 m² GFA. The new building will be behind the current location of the Sint Joris College on the Eikenburg estate. Two schools, each with its own character and target group in one building, requires a smart main set-up. The schools have their own outdoor space with their own entrance. Outside you can hardly see the other school, while in the building the spaces used by both schools are centrally located.

The architecture in the presented vision of atelier PRO is in line with the character of the other buildings on the estate. An orthogonal, stepped volume with a clear hierarchy and attention to the human dimension. The facade is sleek but not boring. The design of a more compact new building creates the opportunity to redesign the site, thereby enhancing the scenic character of the Eikenburg estate, of which the location is part.


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