Interior Khoroshkola Primary School, Moscow

A stimulation for curiosity, creativity

self-thinking and development of all senses

Interior Khoroshkola Primary School, Moscow

Khoroshkola is among the top best schools in Moscow. The bar is high with regards to the academic degree. English is fully integrated and there is a great emphasis on art and science. Children are prepared for the future of which it is not clear what it will look like. Curiosity, creativity, self-thinking and development of all senses are tools for 21st century skills. 

Both the Gymnasium Khoroshkola and the primary school were, until now, at different locations. The Gymnasium was the first digital school to open its doors in 2017 and the primary school is now being developed at this location. The design includes a sloping square between the two schools. This is also the roof of the underlying ‘Temple Of Knowledge’, referred to as TOK for short. This space is the sublimation of both Art and Science schools. Students, teachers, parents, visitors and companies meet here. Together for the future.

Compact and well-arranged, compact layering

Compactness through clustering of the larger social program components is the starting point. As a result, distances are short, the building has a clear structure and is extremely well-arranged. A child will quickly find his or her way. Due to the variety of different public and more private zones, a child will always find a place during the day in which it feels at home, depending on its needs.

The Atrium

The Atrium is the central place that connects the public spaces over 3 layers. It is an attractive, light space with a variety of places. With niches in walls, with a sunken play pit and stairs with wide platforms that run like a thread through the Atrium. From the Atrium you have access to the teaching wings and also a view of the sports hall and the canteen.

Education wings

The home base for the students are the education wings. The shape of the wings is dictated by Russian regulations, whereby the orientation of the group areas is East, South, South-West. The four grades are each grouped around open learning plazas. This are learning areas where the children can work in groups or individually, where they can quietly read a book or work on assignments together.

Focus points

In addition to the basic rooms, there is a Robotics room, there are rooms for Art and Science and for workshops for woodworking and cooking, among other things. In addition to a large sports hall the Sport zone has a dance studio, a martial arts room and a 3d Gym. The wealth of these Focus spaces complete the 21nd Century Skill education.


Where the Gymnasium has a more formal and stately appearance, the primary school is like a villa. An all-sided villa with focal points of alternating glass and closed harmonica elements, are recognizable on each side. Inside, these elements create an intimate zone on the facade where you can learn alone or in groups. In addition, the specific basic shape embraces outdoor spaces and makes them pleasant playgrounds. In materialization, fiber cement concrete and glass, are the main materials that connect both schools.


The Temple Of Knowledge is the rectangular sunken space between the two schools, the sloping roof forms the square. The all-encompassing theme here is the future. The starting point is the ground plan of a basilica with its large high open central space surrounded by smaller low spaces. The central space is multifunctional for exhibitions and lectures, for example. It is the space where the dialogue between different disciplines takes place. Columns like trees support the sloping roof consisting of parametric shapes.

At Khoroshkola Campus, children between the ages of 7 and 17 will find every opportunity to develop optimally for a new and unknown future.


Atelier PRO also designs the exterior and the landscape of the project



  • Canteen
  • Directors office
  • Recreation year 1 & 2
  • Recreation year 2 & 3
  • Library
  • Science