ir. Bart Dessens (1991) joined atelier PRO in 2017, first as a designer and after completing the PEP (Professional Experience Programme) in 2019 as an architect. Through his interests in construction, engineering and aesthetics, he started the bachelor programme in 2008 and accordingly achieved a master degree in Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology.


He specialized in sustainability and transformation. These are important issues for the future as the design focus is on the location and the end user. Thus each project becomes a new challenge in bringing past, present and future together at all scale levels. Through collaboration, research and enjoyment the result ensures the design to be interwoven with the context, from concept to detailing, in a an innovative and sustainable manner.


Bart wants to become proficient in the entire process. From the client demand to making the concept tangible. His ambition is to learn how to translate an architectural concept into beautiful detailing, with innovative materials and smart engineering solutions.

In return PRO will also learn from Bart because he is well aware of new developments in the field of sustainable constructions. This applies to both the technical and aesthetic approach of the design.

Either new or transformation projects, he likes to work on both as long as sustainability and innovation are important priorities. Working in private ownership is also on his wish list, bottom-up projects that both architecturally and socially contribute to the diversity and attractiveness of an area.