Coen has been working at atelier PRO since 2017 as a technical designer and as a project manager. He was originally a structural engineer with business aspirations. Coen built up his professional career at Octatube Space Structures, and architectural firms such as Cepezed (Bouwteam G.C), Archipel Ontwerpers, RoosRos Architects and as an independent entrepreneur (Bouwmeester Ingenieursbureau). He fulfilled roles of architectural draftsman, project manager, project manager, architectural designer and BIM modeler.

In recent years he has mainly worked as a BIM modeller and put extensive technical experience into practice.

Coen likes the challenge of transforming complex building forms into constructionally clear designs with practical and financially feasible details. For this reason, he finds working in a team a must, as well as entering into discussions with all parties involved (municipality, client, suppliers and advisors), which he likes to do. Coen likes to think in solutions. In addition, he is able to draw up drawings and pieces that are needed quickly and well.