Renovation of ING Maple, Amsterdam

a second life

for an office building from the eighties

Renovation of ING Maple, Amsterdam

Atelier PRO designed the renovation of the ING Maple building. From 2019, ING Maple is part of the Amsterdam innovation district Cumulus Park. 

ING Maple (an original design by Broek Bakema from the eighties) is an elongated building that is connected to a parking garage, a residential block and the various levels of the Amsterdam Poort shopping area.

Originally initiated by ING, the district is a joint effort of the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), the Amsterdam Community College (ROC van Amsterdam) and ING. It’s a place where new generations of students, (mid)corporates, innovators, researchers, local entrepreneurs and residents inspire each other and work together to turn new ideas into tangible solutions, products and services. In addition to five ING buildings, the district covers the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, ROC van Amsterdam college and The Traveller restaurant. ING’s new building is much more than just a new place to work for the bank. It’s a place that connects: people, buildings, ideas in a new way. In a way that stimulates creativity, innovation and flexibility and empowers sustainable solutions for a better future.

The entire building is demolished down to the main load-bearing structure and thus has an entirely new façade that has a major impact on the appearance of the new campus. The ‘campus façade’ on the Bijlmerdreef is built up of ‘frames’ with staggered glass.

Atelier PRO also designed the interior of the building.



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  • Main entrance on the Bijmeldreef © René Souverijn
  • Access from the lower area © René Souverijn
  • ING Maple is part of the Cumulus Park Innovation District © René Souverijn
  • Exterior © René Souverijn
  • Interior
  • Restaurant
  • Interior
  • Interior
  • Interior
  • Layout
  • Ground floor
  • First floor
  • Facade north
  • Site