Lumion, Amsterdam

young monument

has a new start

Lumion, Amsterdam

The former MTS (secondary technical school) building from 1973 designed by architect B.J. Ingwersen has been transformed by Atelier PRO architects into the new premises of Lumion Amsterdam, a school for senior general and pre-university . A combination of renovation and new construction has given this municipal monument a second life as the accommodation for the first Kunskapsskolan type of education in the Netherlands.

The senior grade pupils are located on the top floors of the existing building. The floors that had been cluttered over the years, have been reopened. Team spaces, consultation rooms and 'wonder rooms' are situated around learning areas. 'Wonder rooms' are rooms that can accommodate 60 to  90 pupils receiving education at the same time, and let themselves be inspired or marveled.

An huge atrium has been created as a central meeting place between the old building and the new building part. Here is the main entrance leading to all school sections. Your eye will be catched by the spectacular spiral staircase that gives access to all clusters.

The junior grade pupils are located in the new, five-layer building section. Each cluster forms a clear, individual space within the school. Its small-scale ensures attention for every student.
The monumental facades were respectfully modernized. Single glass is replaced by HR ++double insulation glass and the old wooden window frames have been reused. The concrete has been cleaned, repaired and, where possible, insulated. A different façade material is chosen for the new parts. Inspired by the rhythm of the existing facade, the new building features horizontal bands with a vertical articulation, executed in custom-made profiled aluminum cladding.

The educational vision of Lumion is based on personalized learning. Students each have their own learning path. They determine their own pace and level and choose where and how they learn. So therefore only very few traditional classrooms are found here. Instead, there is a diversity of work- and learning places, specially developed for specific learning activities, depending on individual needs. There are common places for 5, 10, 30, 60 and 90 children in the entire building, with every element in the design well thought out.

The interior was also designed by Atelier PRO.


Awards and nominations



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Education Snapshots
Aeccafe January 2021
Dutch education minister Arie Slob pays visit to Lumion Amsterdam
Lumion Amsterdam nominated for the WAN20 Award (architecture) and the WIN20 Award (interior design)
Inheritage 2020 p43 'The World's Greatest Architecture Projects'
Archdaily Juni 2020 (Spanish)
Archdaily March 2020


  • New Lumion
  • The robust, renovated facade at the entrance connects old with new
  • Rear of the building
  • New building façade: the aluminum panels are folded into two rhythms
  • Streetview from the Vlaardingenlaan
  • Entrance area
  • The spectacular spiral staircase is the eye-catcher in the atrium.
  • The nest called 'Nature takes over'; open learning area that has a different theme on each floor.
  • A nest (called Escher meets Einstein); open learning area that has a different theme on each floor.
  • One of the many learning areas for the senior grade
  • In the renovated old building, there are different free learning environments for the upper secondary students
  • College room 'House of Commons' for debates and discussions
  • This former practice hall is now a gym / dojo.
  • Gym
  • Old situation